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25mm Quartz Banger • 14mm 90º • Male

15 reviews for 25mm Quartz Banger • 14mm • 90º • Male

  1. Alexander

    $140, what is it made of gold? Why you rippin people off

    • DCS Glass

      Admittedly, compared to the made in China $20 quartz bangers out there it does seem high, but there not made from high quality quartz. Made in China quartz won’t handle heat the same, distribute heat the same, or have the same longevity. More importantly the made in China quartz, in most cases, is not annealed properly to remove the toxic elements associated with quartz. You get what you pay for. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Tyler McCraw

    Best banger I’ve ever used… (and I have evan shore, tori, and highly educated)

  3. Jason

    Amazing banger for the price ( cheaper than Evan Shore, highly educated, toro, and quave)

  4. Jaden Resioner

    Great with my Fatboy Tubes

  5. April Myers

    Nice bevel and great quality, its heavy which I think is a good thing! Thick and nice heat retention!

  6. anna

    Good banger came perfect welds are amazing

  7. Hayden Schwarz

    Nice banger I chazzed it tho

  8. Remo

    Ive had a lot of bangers over the years and this is by far my new GO TO! KEEEEP IT UP BOYS!

  9. Linda Heysin

    BE CAREFUL please use iso and a q tips to clean as I ruined/chazzed/black spotted mine.. the local headshop I got it at hooked me up with 20 percent off bc of my rookie mistake. DAB ON! <3

  10. Rogie Marley

    Great banger for the price! Retains heat well and hits wonderful. Also have an Evan shore banger, and this is a bit thicker which you can hit a larger dab. Great for cold starts as well!

    • DCS Glass

      Thnak you, appreciate the feedback.

  11. B1Gjuice (verified owner)

    Top shelf quality

    • DCS Glass

      Thanks for the love!

  12. Jasoh

    Why aren’t the pictures updated w the new joint??

    • DCS Glass

      In the works.The website will be updated shortly.

  13. Harry tubs

    Best banger ever I’ve used them all this is the go-to

  14. Mark Morris

    So i wanted to start dabbing right? I’m 40..i don’t have any friends that do this shit. So it was up to me and YouTube. Ther first banger i bought was 15 bux from China. It had a round bottom and a “splash guard”. It was garbage. I was losing all my product. I went back to the head shop. The guy said they were low on bangers, didn’t have any that would fit my rig. I was crushed. So im looking at some more of his wares, i see 3 bangers off too the side, very nice looking with some letters-dcs, etched on the bottom. I asked him hey what’s up with these? “Oh those are hand blown ,pure quartz, perfect size for what you need, but they are 150 bux.” I wanted to kill him. I said okay c’mon man bag it up. Anyways… PROBLEM SOLVED! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! THESE PEICES ARE PURE GOLD!
    Excellent job guys. It heats up so fast, stay hot welll long enough. Its perfect. It’s exactly what i needed to get clouds billowing out of my rig. Sorry for the novel. But thanks again. I’ll never buy any quartz anywhere else.

  15. 710chase

    Amazing value for USA MADE QUARTZ.

    you’re kidding yourself if you think this is over priced. If you cant afford it buy something else and dab your tears when the china quartz doesn’t compare to these DCS! Happily use this along side my Grails.

    Piece of Mind colab slaps! Thanks team.

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